Grand Lodge Programs

Moving Forward

An updated Strategic Plan, is set to be announced at the 164th Annual Communications that will guide us for the foreseeable future. The plan has three lanes to these three: Excellence in Membership, Excellence in Esoteric Work, and Excellence in Communication. Concentrating on these three back-to-the-basics foundations will provide the greatest array of tools that benefits all lodges.

The vision is to enable lodges to build and retain quality membership necessary to achieve success as they defined it in their strategic plans.

Current Grand Lodge Programs

Grand Lodge programs along with the Kansas Masonic Foundation programs are an integral part of our Comprehensive Team Concept. Information about the programs can be found below.



Kansas Masonic Foundation Programs



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Grand Lodge Awards

Please check the Member Area Downloads page for forms.



Prepaid Perpetual Life Membership

A prepaid perpetual life membership (PPLM) is a means of perpetual investment income to participating lodges that is generated by income from prepaid membership fees. This prepaid membership fee will continue to return accumulated dividends from fund investments to the member’s lodge long after the prepaid perpetual life member’s death.  Any Master Mason, in good standing, holding a current dues card can elect to become exempt from paying annual dues to his lodge by purchasing a “prepaid perpetual life membership.” All prepaid perpetual life membership fees are placed in a special Masonic prepaid perpetual life membership account.  This fund will be a permanent fund solely for the benefit of the participating constituent lodges.

Making a Difference in Your Community:

Freemasonry is founded on the principles of charity, service, and benevolence. With the Grand Lodge of Kansas, Masons make a positive difference in the Kansas communities. Whether you’re volunteering, participating in a fundraiser for a worthy cause, or organizing a community service project, you can use your Masonic connections and resources to amplify your impact and make a real difference in the lives of those around you.